Jip, Tom & Puk

Making portraits of children is always fun for me. It's kind of a challenge.

Children are spontaneous. They do not overplay their emotions and it shows in the expression of their faces.

Photographing Jip, Tom and Puk was also a challenge.

Tom was the first to take on picture. Tom is direct and anything but shy. He asks a lot of questions. It's nice to take a picture of him except that , he does not support flash lights. And my studio is quite dark because with the parents we wanted to have a very dark background for the final photos. So I had to take some shots with him and let him rest, otherwise he quickly had tears in his eyes.
Then it's the turn of Jip, the oldest but also the most shy in front of a camera. Jip had the two front teeth less. The challenge was to make him smile a little without showing the missing teeth.
Finally comes Puk's turn. The youngest but also the most fun. 3 years old and she does not hold still. A real exercise.

The result was cool and the whole family was very happy. I even had a surprise visit from them with a pretty bouquet of flowers.

If that is not the best reward !

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